【PSA-Taiwan 20周年抽獎活動 PSA-Taiwan 20th Anniversary】

【PSA-Taiwan 20周年抽獎活動 – For PSA-Taiwan members】
💡步驟:追蹤藥聯會帳號並在IG上回答問題 @psa_taiwan https://www.instagram.com/psa_taiwan/
3.未來希望藥聯舉辦哪些交流/活動?(法律、文學、說台/客語、公民記者、中藥辨識… )
💡截止:9/28 23:55(GMT+8)/開獎:9/29請獲獎者請小盒子
-搜尋粉專”IPSFSEPinTaiwan”查看更多學生交換資訊 https://www.facebook.com/IPSFSEPinTaiwan/
-加入社團”台灣藥學生國際活動&交流” 獲得最新活動訊息。


【PSA-Taiwan 20th Anniversary – For international friends】
As 2019 marks the 20th year of PSA-Taiwan, please join us for a celebration of raffles with prizes that shaped PSA-Taiwan through 2 decades!
Follow us and answer the questions at comment section on Instagram. @psa_taiwan https://www.instagram.com/psa_taiwan/
1. Which student association and country are you from?
2. Where have you been to or want to visit in Taiwan?
3. Tag a friend from the pharmaceutical field!
Sample answers: @psa_taiwan/Pintung, Taipei101/ XiaoLongBaos

💡Prize packages provided:
Western Taiwan(postcards*2), Eastern Taiwan:(postcards*2), Signboards in Taiwan(Taiwanese signboard bookmarks), A Taste of Taiwan(postcard*1 + special postcard*1), On the way to Jiufen(map-of-Jiufen-designed folder*1)

💡Raffle entry deadline: 28th of September 2019 11:55PM GMT+8.
We will dm the winners by 29th of September 2019, so be sure to check for messages!
PSA-Taiwan joined IPSF in 2000 as Member in Association. With the aims of strengthening the relationship between pharmaceutical schools, building strong contact with pharmaceutical students’ associations worldwide, and cultivating global perspectives of our students, we endeavor to facilitate relationships between its members and the Taiwan Pharmacist Association, as well as prominent industry organizations.
→Look us up on Facebook for more info on SEP in Taiwan! https://www.facebook.com/IPSFSEPinTaiwan/
→ Look up “PSA-Taiwan Joint Dance Campaign” on YouTube for more spectacular views of Taiwan!